Wagyu Ground Beef: An Easy Way to Start Exploring the World of Wagyu

Our umami-rich ground beef is the most amazing, mouthwatering, and tender beef you will ever taste. Hall Farmstead is a Kentucky-based rancher selling premium Japanese American wagyu. All of our Hall Farmstead Artisan Wagyu cattle are DNA-tested and tracked for authenticity, repeatability, and consistency, ensuring every cut of beef exceeds expectations. 

Our cattle are fed a carefully regulated diet of Hall Farmstead’s homegrown corn and soybeans, ensuring maximum consistency in taste, marbling, and tenderness. Furthermore, all cattle are hydrated with fresh flowing water from abundant natural springs throughout our property. Most importantly, our farm in Monroe County, Kentucky, shares the same latitude plane as Kumamoto, Japan, the birthplace of the Akaushi cattle. The conditions are conducive to raising cattle that offer unparalleled flavor, tenderness, and the finest marbling in the luxury beef world. The result is a decadent beef product that is 100% American yet inspired by Japan. 

The only way to understand what distinguishes our Japanese American wagyu from traditional American wagyu is to taste it for yourself, and our wagyu ground beef is an affordable way to do so. Whether you’re serving a premium meal to friends and family or just want to treat yourself to something truly special, our beef offers a luxurious dining experience suitable for all of your favorite recipes. 

What is Japanese American wagyu?

Most American wagyu has a 50/50 genetic makeup between Japanese cattle and American black Angus, striking a balance between the rich flavor of wagyu and the more traditional taste of beef. However, Hall Farmstead Artisan Wagyu cattle are 15/16 Japanese Akaushi Wagyu, giving it a far richer flavor without sacrificing the positive attributes of black Angus. This combination makes our premium Japanese American wagyu second to none. 

This package contains 32 oz. of wagyu ground beef, enough for four burger patties, each half an inch thick. Of course, you don’t have to make burgers out of this meat if you don’t want to — you definitely have options. 


What does ground wagyu taste like?

Wagyu beef has a powerful umami flavor that’s sometimes compared to parmesan or certain mushrooms, except that this umami flavor is much stronger in beef. It’s created by the Maillard reaction occurring when meat is seared or certain baked goods are prepared, the unique genetics of wagyu cattle, and the pain-staking ranching practices that Japanese and American farmers have used for centuries. Nothing else truly comes close, which is why wagyu has become a delicacy virtually synonymous with luxury throughout the world. 

If all of that sounds too complicated, the taste of wagyu has also been described as buttery, with a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture that should not be missed. The exceptional marbling of our Japanese American wagyu gives it a high fat content and succulent juices, ensuring every bite is memorable. Wagyu is the perfect canvas for other flavors as well, so you really cannot go wrong when you’re working with premium wagyu beef. 


What recipes can I use this ground beef for?

Our wagyu ground beef is ideal for a variety of beef recipes, including hamburgers, meatloaf, lasagna, and meatballs. As such, you can substitute wagyu for traditional ground beef and elevate all of your favorite recipes to the next level. Many recipes are designed around the unique flavor profile of wagyu as well, so you can experiment and make meals more delicious than you could ever imagine. 

One of the most popular ways to prepare wagyu ground beef is an American classic: the humble burger. 


Tips for making a great burger

One of the secrets to any great beef burger is proper seasoning, but going too far could compromise the delicate flavor of our Japanese American wagyu. We recommend seasoning both sides of your patties with sea salt and freshly ground pepper since they’ll elevate the wagyu flavor rather than overwhelm it. Kosher salt is an alternative to sea salt if you prefer, but table salt can be too overpowering. If you want a truly luxurious experience, garlic butter and olive oil are great complements as well. 

Cooking an outstanding burger always involves a fantastic sear. It’s recommended to sear both sides on high heat, then lower the temperature and continue cooking to your preference. Medium rare is generally considered the ideal temp for wagyu beef, though you could take it up to medium if you like your beef a little less red in the middle. Going to medium-well or higher will compromise the special flavor and silk-like texture of our Japanese American wagyu and we do not recommend it. 

The high fat content of our Japanese American wagyu makes it cook much more quickly than most other beef, so you should never leave it unattended. You should even err on the side of undercooking it since you can always cook it more if it’s under, but burnt wagyu will be a disappointment. 

Given the unique, delicate umami flavor of wagyu beef, you don’t want to overwhelm it with a bunch of run-of-the-mill condiments. If you want to add toppings, consider options that will enhance its flavors such as blue cheese and fruit jams. You can also enjoy our Japanese American wagyu burger plain to take full advantage of its unique umami flavor profile. 

What should I serve with my burgers?

You’ll need the right sides to make the most of your wagyu meal, and the rich, luscious taste of wagyu means that lighter options are preferred. French fries with truffle salt, tossed green salads with balsamic, and high-end potato salads are fantastic accompaniments because they’re all elevated versions of what you might have with a traditional beef burger. Of course, you can break with tradition and have something like rice pilaf or a baked potato as well. You want this to be a meal to remember, so don’t force yourself to follow an expert’s recommendations if you’d prefer to indulge in something else. 

It might seem strange to seek out wine pairings for a burger, but the luxurious flavor and texture of our Japanese American wagyu more than justifies it. Sommeliers often recommend medium- to full-bodied red wines with high tannin levels to balance the buttery flavor of wagyu. Some specific types to consider include Bordeaux, Cotes du Rhone, and Sangiovese. If you’re not into wine, dark beers like stouts and porters are an option for their bitter notes. You can even explore non-alcoholic options such as club soda or cranberry juice. Again, it’s hard to go wrong with our premium Japanese American wagyu. 

All great things must come to end, and any meal involving wagyu deserves a dessert as a spectacular climax. Sorbet is a simple yet effective option making for a great palette cleanser after a rich beef main course. Alternatively, macarons, a light mousse, or nearly any citrus-based dessert provide a satisfying finish to a luxurious meal. 

More than just a recipe for an outstanding burger

Wagyu burgers are great, but our Japanese American wagyu is capable of much more. Hall Farmstead was founded by Greg Hall with the promise of providing every customer with an indulgent, luxurious experience whenever they eat our products. We remain committed to that promise today as all of our cattle are DNA-tested and tracked for authenticity, repeatability, and consistency. 

We also make shopping for wagyu easy with one-time orders and a subscription service with delivery per month or quarter for maximal flexibility. Subscribers receive access to exclusive cuts to share with their loved ones, and you can always add more to your order. 

You can shop around if you’d like, but you won’t find better quality and value than our Japanese American wagyu. Please reach out to Hall Farmstead for more information on what distinguishes our premium Japanese American wagyu from the beef you’re accustomed to!